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All paint or paint type coatings can be applied to many different types of surfaces but, Commercial Painting and House Painting are very different. The following is an article written by Roger Nickell, owner of Streamline Painting, Inc., addressing the differences in Commercial and Residential work.

I will admit that most companies in Denver include the words commercial and residential in their marketing description and although some of them may be capable of doing both, the world of commercial painting is very different from residential painting. The following is a definition of each.

Define Commercial Construction:

The building facilities for the conduct of business/commerce. Commercial construction includes structures for retail shops, medical buildings, industrial and manufacturing facilities, professional office buildings, restaurants, hotels and more. This type of work typically includes: Construction Management (Construction Services): The provision of supervision, scheduling and coordination of all construction activity, which may include the provision of portions of the construction work with the manager's own forces. (definition provided by

Define Residential Construction:

The building of facilities for habitation. Residential construction typically including single family homes and houses, townhomes, condominiums and apartment complexes. This type of work can include contracts directly written with the home owner. (definition provided by

The most important difference between the two is the contract terms and levels of management required to perform the work.


On a commercial project there are typically 10 main issues to navigate prior to completion and payment

  1. General Contractor

  2. Owner

  3. Architect / Designer

  4. Lender

  5. Schedule

  6. Inspection

  7. Punch list

  8. Completion

  9. Lien waiver

  10. Retention and Final payment

On a residential project there is only one to consider.

  1. Owner

Streamline completed the job in a timely manner and rectified the past mistakes of the “other” company.

Bob Parks
Castle Pines, CO


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