House Painting Denver

Painting your house can be a very tricky operation. From the street, most homes do not look all that complicated. Just a trip to the store... maybe a couple hundred bucks for paint... a weekend or two and your house is DONE!

No problem right?

Well, let's break it down...

There are three major factors to consider when painting your house.

  1. Material

  2. Equipment

  3. Labor

Let's address a sample project...


The cost of exterior paint per gallon on average in Denver is $30. Multiply that by typical quantity of 15 gallon. That comes to $450 plus tax just for the paint.

Now add all the necessary sundries, such as tape, paper, plastic, brushes, primer etc.

The total material cost can be well over $550 retail price plus tax.


Most homeowners don't own their own equipment, or at least the proper equipment. To get the job started you are looking at a starting equipment Investment of $200 for a ladder and $75 to rent a paint sprayer.


Total amount of hours.

How much is your time worth?

I recently heard a homeowner attempted the painting of the exterior of his house. At 40 hours per week for 4 consecutive weeks, that is 160 hours of labor. Based on an approximated cost of the homes paint job of $2500, after the $825 material and equipment expense, he had $1675 left in the budget for labor costs. If you divide $1675 by the 160 hours he spent painting it himself, he saved himself $10.47 per hour.


They were on time, neat, respectful and most of all produced an amazing paint job.

Kirsten McCue
Castle Rock Colorado


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