Kwal Paint Denver

Kwal Paint is the largest supplier of material for Streamline Painting, Inc. Owner, Roger Nickell has a long standing relationship with Kwal. His sales representative, Randy Condello, is the best in the business. With Customer service at the forefront of their relationship, Roger has been responsible for applying over 10,000 gallons of Kwal Paint products over the last 2 decades.

Kwal Paint is a local Colorado Company, who have been here for more than 60 years. Kwal is a paint manufacturing company that offers excellent quality paints and coatings. Their entire product line is designed to stand up to the challenges of everyday living and the unique challenges that Colorado weather brings. Kwal Paint is committed to a cutting edge product line. They can fulfill your every product need. They accomplish this goal with a full range of products while maintaining a lower price point in the market.

Currently Kwal Paint has two major plants and service centers in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Idaho, Missouri and Nebraska. They have recently added a new facility in Bonham, Texas which can produce over 14 million gallons of paint per year.

At Kwal Paint, they have worked very hard to be the first choice for all painting needs. Colorado has become reliant on the quality products and excellent customer service that Kwal Paint Offers. Kwal continues to incorporate cutting edge technology and innovation into every gallon.

The attention to detail and effort you put in on the weathered areas was impressive. Our house looks as good as new.

Brett S.
Littleton, CO


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